We are a market place that facilitates connections between artists, collectors, and other professionals interested in art worldwide. We discover artists. Quality control ensures that we maintain a high standard of artwork and partners, that attracts collectors. ARTIAPLACE's mission is to promote the digital trading of artworks, to support artists and collectors, worldwide. We want to contribute to the dissemination of art. You are welcome to browse ARTIAPLACE, where you will find paintings, sculptures and other collections.

CORPORATE ART COLLECTIONS helps companies enhance their brand and image.The artworks used by the company embellish their physical space and communicate the company culture. Businesses involved in art collection, including art sponsorship, commissioning art, or using art to enhance their marketing activities will engage new target audiences, get closer to customers, community and employees. We really believe, that investing in an emerging artist, or acquiring artworks by established artists is a great way to show,

We offer, tailored and professional, art consultancy services; for individuals as well as corporations, and we help art lovers to discover new talents and important artists.

FINE ARTS IS AN ALTERNATIVE INVESTMENT, and acquiring art is a good decision, that will increase and protect your wealth. Through our professional partners, we support and advice collectors and investors, at all stages of the process.

Private Art

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